In the beginning...

Christo's founder, Michael Learn, had a dream. To give Salem the gift of phenomenal pizza. And in 1997, with a little help from his friends, family, and wife Lisa, that dream became a reality. After finding success in a little hole in the wall in downtown Salem, the dream began to grow. We found that we wanted to do more, but were lacking the space to make it happen. So in 2009, we took a leap (down the street!) and said goodbye to our little pizzeria on Church Street.

Then there was music.

The dream continued to grow, and with more space came more possiblities. Over the past few years, we've been so thrilled to develop our lounge. From jazz, funk, punk to rock n' roll, we've been so fortunate to bring top notch musical acts to Salem. Our goal is to give guests an experience they can't get anywhere else. 

Present and future.

After all these years of growth, some things have changed, but one has stayed the same: we're still serving the best (pizza) pie and classic Italian American dishes in town. So come on down, and visit us in Salem's very own little Italy. Keeping the dream alive since 1997.

Come for the food... Stay for the the experience. Ciao, baby!